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Dual passive infrared and microwave technologies with optimized digital signal processing for superior detection and long term reliability

Digital temperature compensation

White light and UV protection

Programmable motion event counter

Optional swivel brackets

Look down "creep zone"

Applications: Commercial and industrial

Patented Technologies

Advanced anti-masking and self-test "Motion Simulation" to detect malfunction and attempts to defeat the detector

Ultimate false alarm immunity based on patented True Motion Recognition (TMR™) and Fuzzy Logic algorithms

3D cylindrical optics with Target Specific Imaging (TSI™) for true volumetric no "dead" spots detection kr   State-of-the-art microwave DRO patented technology utilizing Digital Signal processing (DSP)

Protected under US patents: 5,237,330; 5,693,943; 5,936,524; 6,211,522; and other international patents and patent applications

Superior immunity to false alarms using dual technologies

Superior fast catch performance

Highly sensitive large coverage area up to 20m x 20m (67ft x 67ft) with anti-sabotage creep-zone

Advanced anti-masking and self-testing to detect malfunction and attempts to defeat the detector (Duet-AM) » Complies with European EN50131 -2 and other international standards

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